As the sun set and the moon rose, the sea gradually faded until it ‘vanished’ completely, leaving me standing on the darkened shore as if in a closed darkroom. The moonlight in the distance acted as a safelight, dim yet reassuring, allowing my pupils to adjust. I set up my tripod, position the external flash lights, adjust the camera settings, and connect the cable release—akin to the steps I carefully completed the developing.

我时常在夜幕降临前到达海边——这种经验类似我在暗房里放大照片。 随着日落和月升,眼前的海逐渐模糊直至彻底“消失”,我站在漆黑的海岸边如同处于一个幽闭的暗房里。远处的月光好比安全灯,即使微弱,但作为一种保障,逐渐让我的瞳孔适应。继而,我开始架起脚架,放置灯具,调整相机参数,连接快门线——如同自己谨慎地在暗房里完成的每一个必需步骤,为显影做好准备。

Thus Waves Come to You, black-and-white photographic film transparency, lightbox, speaker, 2022
installation view at the UCCA Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing, CN