Zeyuan Ren (b. 1997, Ningbo, China), lives and works in Providence, RI, is a visual artist whose work engages with displacement and in-betweenness. Incorporating photography, video, performance and installation, his recent practice takes place and evolves on coasts, examining how the linear model of time and history is distorted and ruptured by the ocean, musing on the connection between the ocean and forgetting, memory, haunting, and alternative knowledge.

Ren’s work has been exhibited and screened internationally, including at the de Young Museum (San Francisco, US), Microscope Gallery (New York, US), Sol Koffler Gallery (Providence, US), Photo Open Up Festival (Padua, IT), Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival (Xiamen, CN), Ningbo Museum of Art (Ningbo, CN) and more. He has been a finalist in the UCCA Lab Emerging Artists Program (2022) and a recipient of the Graduate Commons Grant (2023). He recently received his MFA in Photography at the Rhode Island School of Design.

任泽远(1997 年生于中国宁波),是一位视觉艺术家,目前生活和工作于美国普罗维登斯。他的作品涉及移置和中间性的概念。结合摄影、录像、表演和装置,他最近的实践在不同的海岸上展开和迭代,检视传统历史和时间的线性模型如何被海洋扭曲和断裂,思考海洋与遗忘、记忆、萦绕和另类知识之间的关联。

任的作品已经在国际上展出和放映,包括 de Young Museum(美国旧金山)、Microscope Gallery(美国纽约)、Sol Koffler Gallery(美国普罗维登斯)、Photo Open Up Festival(意大利帕多瓦)、Jimei X Arles International Photo Festival(中国厦门)、宁波美术馆(中国宁波)等。2022年,他曾入围 UCCA Lab新锐艺术家计划(中国北京)。最近,他在罗德岛设计学院获得了纯艺术硕士学位,并在那里获得Graduate Commons Grant。

CV avialable upon request