Zeyuan Ren (b. 1997, Ningbo), currently lives and works in Shanghai. He holds an MFA in Photography from Rhode Island School of Design and cross-registered at Brown University. Spanning lens-based media, installation and performance, his practice is rooted in the composite experiences of displacement between coasts, ruminating on liminality in the context of historical and geographic specificity.

任泽远,1997年出生于浙江宁波,现工作和生活于上海。2023年于罗德岛设计学院摄影系取得纯艺术硕士,并获Graduate Commons Grant。结合摄影、录像和装置,他的实践根植于近年在不同海岸间位移的复合经验,思考并体察特定历史和地理背景下的阈限性。

CV avialable upon request